Call for Papers

The Conference aims to provide an active platform for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the fields of interest which fall under the scope of IEEE. Prospective authors are invited to submit original research papers (not being considered for publication elsewhere) in standard IEEE conference template describing new theoretical and/or experimental research results in the following tracks (but are not limited to):

With IAS as technical co-sponsor, 20% of the presented papers might be eligible for further review to be published in the IAS periodicals (Transactions, Magazine) upon selection as communicated by the Conference Organizers to IEEE IAS Transactions Editor-in-Chief, who would contact the authors directly subsequently.


Grid Decarburization and Integration of Renewable Energy Systems

Environmental issues and regulations, Renewable Energy Based Systems, Operational metrics for a Decarbonizes Grid, Low-Carbon Emission using Smart Grid Technologies, Zero Carbon System, Integration of Solar PV into buildings and infrastructure, Integration of Distributed Resources, Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Energy Engineering, Wind Energy Generation, Small Hydro Generation Systems, Energy Harvesting for Communication Systems, Future Challenges and Directions for Grid Decarburization, Issues in Grid Integration of Renewables, Reliability and resilience considering a changing relationship between the bulk power system and distribution systems, Low inertial power system operation, management and planning

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Power and Energy Engineering

Power Systems Operation and Control, Renewable Energy Based Systems, Power System Reliability, Power Systems Stability and Control, Power System Protection, Power System Protection, Planning and Operation under Deregulated Conditions, Restructuring of Power System, Control Applications to Power Systems, Fault Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, Blackouts: Analysis, Prevention & Control, Wide Area Monitoring and Control

Data Analytics & AI Application for Power Systems

Machine learning applications in power systems, Big data analytics in energy systems, Blockchain applications in smart grid, IoT Infrastructure for energy management in power system, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Cyber & Physical Security of the Power Grid, Home Automation, Intelligent monitoring and outage management, Applications of Heuristics and Metaheuristics in Power Systems, Generation, Load & Price Forecasting

Transportation and Energy Storage

Role and Operation in Grids and Microgrids, Plug-in vehicles and low-carbon transportation alternatives, Power Electronics and motor control for EV Applications, Charging methods, systems and standards, G2V and V2G applications, Railway Traction applications, Battery use and reuse, Large-Scale Energy Storage, Wireless Charging Systems, Battery Management Systems


Role and Operation in Grids and Microgrids, Smart grids, Micro, Nano & Pico Grids, Power quality issues and power factor correction techniques, 6DC grids including fault coordination and protection, Hybrid DC circuit breakers (DCCBs), HVDC & FACTS

Power Electronics Components and their Applications

Power Electronics and Drives, Power electronics converters and systems, Modular Multilevel Converters, Standard and advanced PWM techniques, Condition Monitoring, Electrical Machines, Industrial Automation and Control, Automatic and AI based Control, Nonlinear Control, Mechatronics and Embedded Systems

Energy Managements, Electricity Market and Policy/ Regulatory Aspects

Electricity Market and Power System Economics, Grid Flexibility, Resiliency & Security, Demand Side Management, Policies for Distributed Generation, Distribution Network Management, Electricity Trading and Risk Management, Energy Policy, Governance and Regulations, Flexing India’s Energy System through Market Mechanisms, Economic, social and environmental policy aspects